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Thread: Goodby Cali!

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    Goodby Cali!

    Hello everyone!
    Just wanted to let you all know that my family and I are moving to Oregon. We're looking to change things up a bit and the cost of living in Ca is getting out of control. This is a good thing for us and Holden. We're moving to a suburb Of Portland. We still have plenty of family here so we'll be visiting often and when I do, I'm going to meet up with some of you guys and do some scaling for sure.
    I will miss you all very much and I can't thank you all enough for your friendship and of course, all your help out on the trails. You made this hobby accessible and very enjoyable for me. I wish I had time to go on one more crawling trip but we're leaving next week. Please hit me up on Facebook so we can keep in touch!
    Your friend, Randy Mitchell

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    Wow, sorry to hear you're leaving but happy for your new start with your family. Im sure it will be a better way of life up there for Holden as well. We will miss you Randy and it has been great crawling with you all these years. Keep in touch buddy!
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Randy it has been a pleasure crawling with u n congrats on the move for its for the better. Hope to crawl when u visit :-)
    winners never quit and quitters never win

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    I've got a few friends up in is's been a pleasure crawling with you for all these years

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    dang Randy we will miss you for sure and its been awesome crawling with you over the years. you have always been an inspiration to watch and be around with your positiveness and i know my kids have always looked up to you along with so many of us. i have always said we are the challenged ones not having the additional stability that you have. i wish you and your family the best in your new venture

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    Right on Randy. Wish you and the family the best, your going to love Portland.

    Was fun to crawl CDM with you these last few years.... Now who is going to show me where all the trick lines are? hehe.
    Hit me up when you get back down here so I can schedule a lesson!

    Good Luck buddy!
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