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Thread: Hilux project

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    I made my own cab back today came out pretty good but it's pretty simple lol

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    Looks killer, as the trail massages the body it'll have killer character. Will you bring the body to the run on 10/04?

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    Yea I can take it ima go film for a bit since my trucks not ready

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    Lookin good buddy. I like the name too!
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Thanks guys

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    Not pic worthy update but I made windows for my truck

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    Update will b getting pitbull mad beasts n bead locks this week also should start on chassis this week

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    Update truggy chassis is complete just have to go pick it up this weekend

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    While waiting for my chassis I picked up a rig for little josh with some sweet parts
    Dingo body,axial bead locks,hh crawl master,tekin fxr, rc4wd front and rear bumpers, hey ok bec,rc4wd winch,rc4wd fair lead ,winch hook winch controller and metal links and losi comp shocks I believe will b using a custom bronco body I did for him

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    Broncos ready to go

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    Dang Nice

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    Narrowed a dingo roll cage and added some down bars to the bronco what donu guys think?

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    Looks like it was made for it

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    Thanks rich

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    Everything fits really nice, awesome job on the cage.

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    Thank you i think this is the most work I've done with a lexan body

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