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Thread: Rcjunky's Willy's

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    Quote Originally Posted by big dude View Post
    time of your post.....TWEAKER !!!

    lmao. bronchitis over here. For John its TRUE!! lmao
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Just ordered the King Diffs from RCP, Last part I needed. Starting a build thread on mine soon.
    Mobilis in Mobili "N"

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    King Diffs?

    Haven't heard of those, I gotta get my Gi Joe Willies going....they are sooo trick.
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    thanks Nemo will send those out right after the holiday ....I need a government job

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    That's right its a "Holiday" for some. Shoot I aint got no Holidays until May, Memorial Day.
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    I get 178 days off a year... But there's all that pesky planning and grading that can't get done with your time at school...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxialNut View Post
    King Diffs?

    Haven't heard of those, I gotta get my Gi Joe Willies going....they are sooo trick.
    HPI wheely king

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    OK Confused again:
    Link Length?
    Is this the length to order from Vanquish or is this the length Eye to Eye w/traxxass links?
    "Vanquish titanium links, front upper's 105mm, front lowers 90mm, rear upper's 140mm and rear lower's 125mm.
    Traxxas Revo rod ends throughout"
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    It should be the actual rod length from VP. I will check them to verify

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