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Thread: any one running 1.55s

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    any one running 1.55s

    if ur running 1.55s post pics tryna see how they look guna start a new build with some thanks

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    what body are you using

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    lr3 land rover and a fj cruiser is in the works

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    i brought back a lexan Toyota land cruiser from japan awhile back and had thought about putting 1.55's under it someday when i got around to building it

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    thats the fj40 body isnt it and ill post pics of my lr3 this week waiting on my package from rpp

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    its this body

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    thats the one u have?

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    Seen this post. Late. But I run a lot of 1.55. I love them. More scale than 1.9 for sure. Some of the larger 1.55 tires r even the same size as 1.9. Just 1.55 inner. I run them on my Hilux Truggy and my Top Kick work truck. I have a set of 1.55 Pit Bull Growlers as well. Gonna mount those some time this week. I'll post pics in a few. Thought I will keep this thread alive.
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    nice thanks for the reply ive went through 1.55 iroks and want to try the growlers

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    1.55 ford..Mickey Thompson bead locks. Mip drive shafts. Holmes Hobbies torque master pro 27t. Robinson racing gears. Savox 1283 mg. SSD axles.

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    Love my growlers.. pretty tall for a 1.55 tire. Good bite.

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    Those look sweet and fit the truck perfect.
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    That is a nice looking rig, don't see to many fords like that

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