• WCRCC year ending Bash

    Thats right everyone its almost that time of the year again. WCRCC would like to invite EVERYONE who loves to crawl out to our year end BASH. Whether you are into scale rigs, comp rigs or both we want you to come out and enjoy the day with us. If you love rc cars and having a fun day out at the park with good people please come join us. We plan on having fun family games for everyone to enjoy and the club will be providing sandwiches and water right around noon for everyone in attendance. Please bring your wives, kids, moms, dads and anyone else who loves the outdoors to celebrate with us. It would be great to see some old faces from ALL the clubs around our local area to enjoy.

    • The morning will start off with a Swap Meet so bring your table and shade tent and set up your items you would like to sell or trade. Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure so dont exclude anything!
    • While we are bartering items we would like to set up an area to show off your shelf queens scale rigs. This will be the Show & Shine portion of the day and is open to ALL scale rigs, big, small, modest, outrageous, 1.9, 2.2 or micro. Whatever you have worked on and are proud to show off please bring it out! Winner of best of show will receive a prize from the club.
    • Immediately after the Show & Shine judging we will present our year end trophies to the top drivers of the season and would love for you to show them your appreciation for their hard work and great driving all year.
    • By now we will all be getting hungry so around noon we will have our lunch break and we welcome any pot luck dishes that members could bring to go along with the sandwiches and waters that will be provided for free by the club. (Please reply here if you have a dish to contribute)
    • As if this day wasnt already awesome enough we would like all scale drivers to have a get together run at anytime they choose and any rig is welcome not just your killer Show & Shine rig.
    • While all the scale junkies get their scale on we have arranged to hold the first Summer Shafty Series comp simultaneously so all you comp guys will have something to do. This comp will start at 1pm so if you can not come to the morning activities be sure to show up for the first of 3 comps in the series.

    This promises to be a great fun filled family event and we hope to see everyone there for the same reason we are going to be there......


    Location tentatively set to be at Horseman's center in Apple Valley. Keep an eye on this thread to see if that changes.

    Map link HERE
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    1. AxialNut's Avatar
      AxialNut -
      Are we having another Picnic, Show & Shine, and Swap Meet this year? 2014! I sure hope so, I am looking forward to it!
    1. z50king's Avatar
      z50king -
      That was my first event with West coast and it was so fun!

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    1. Tapped-out's Avatar
      Tapped-out -
      I don't see any reason why not. nothing is planned out yet so we just need to get something put together for awards and wcrcc Picnic.
    1. AxialNut's Avatar
      AxialNut -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tapped-out View Post
      I don't see any reason why not. nothing is planned out yet so we just need to get something put together for awards and wcrcc Picnic.
      Let me know what i can help with, to make things go smoother.