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  1. Holmes Hobbys Motor

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    ok boys John Holmes proved us all wrong by having my motor here today. i will have it installed tonight and give it a test tomorrow. Thank you JOHN HOLMES from HOLMES HOBBYS you the man!!!!
  2. Road Trip to the Az. Copper state shoot out in JAN Stay tooned !

    Well im planning on going to the Az shoot out in Jan!
    going to do my first Blog leading up to the comp and during the comp...... Hope i do it wright
  3. Michelin bee-hive adaptive tire technology

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    Updated April 29, 2005 Michelin has showcased a potentially disruptive technology with significant ramifications for the future for mobility: an airless, integrated tyre and wheel combination dubbed the TWEEL (i.e. Tyre/WhEEL) . The Tweel promises performance levels beyond those possible with conventional pneumatic technology. The first commercial applications of the Tweel will be in lower-speed, lower-weight vehicles such as the iBOT mobility device and Segway's Concept Centaur. Designed by Segway-inventor