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Thread: Old rig from past

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    Old rig from past

    Some of my old pos rigs from past yrs

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    my super/1st crawler

    So go ahead and laugh now :rolleyes:

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    that is all folks.

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    damn thats alot of rigs
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    you say POS ,but at that time they were your pride and joy and almost state of the art rigs.
    been here through thick and thin.

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    those are some cool pics and you can really see how the technology has rapidly changed in a relatively short time frame

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    do you still have any of those?

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    I love the orange rig in this pic you got specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerr View Post

    I love the orange rig in this pic you got specs?
    ya specs
    Home brew BMV Piano Wire Torsion chassis (using wife's cutting board)
    traxxas trans
    esc ??
    645 servo
    55t motor
    maxx shafts
    traxxas wheels
    proline moabs tires
    2/3 cell battery pack.
    I mad a few of these chassis over the yrs. pic below I think is body off pic.

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    found 2 more rigs

    madd maxx rig below

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    what was the mad max cage made out of coat hangers it looks pretty thin. how did it hold up on rollovers

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    Like that VW body alot, looks slick.

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