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Thread: Committee By Laws

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    Committee By Laws

    Rules of how members are voted in and out and who will become mods/admins on a yearly basis etc.

    1. Committee members will be voted on at an annually scheduled club meeting by all supporting club members. note: a committee member must also be a supporting member

    2. Supporting members who vote must have been members for at least one year. must also follow the same criteria to hold a committee position.

    3. The new committee members voted in at the annual meeting will be in charge of website/club decisions and functions.
    Note: there may be some assistance needed from old admin to help and teach new admin how to run website

    4. In the case of a committee member not being able to fulfill his obligation, an alternate committee member will be instated as a replacement by remaining committee members.

    5. Existing committee members will transfer their club related materials to the newly voted members.

    6. Voting should be done in person, if unable to be present an email or pm to a board member showing your user name and full name along with intentions of whom you would like to see in which positions will be accepted.

    7. The current administration encourages all supporting club members to nominate themselves or others in to positions at the time of voting there should be no intimidation or uncomfortable feeling for nominating new parties in to club positions.

    8. Please understand that when voting a supporting club member in to the committee that you are electing them to make decisions for the club and that all decisions may not be discussed with the entire club but every effort will be made to include the club in the decisions being made.

    Understand this is a club and having fun is our number one goal.
    All of us have lives, families, jobs etc that also have priorities
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    if there are any questions about the committee or voting please feel free to PM a boad member or post here!
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