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    Frequently Asked Questions

    WCRCC Club Membership Fees
    WCRCC Club Member Initial Fees:
    $30 = New Members
    $20 = Renewal (annually)

    WCRCC Membership Benefits:
    Members pay only $5 Per Class (Non-Members $10 per Class)
    Automatically entered into the Point Series
    Access to exclusive “Members Only” Forum(s)
    Upload Unlimited attachments/pictures
    Ability to share custom avatar/picture for your profile (150x150 2mb)
    Ability to have a larger profile picture (Up to 600x600)
    Upgraded PM Box to 500 messages (50 messages for standard members)
    Double the signature size, w/BB code (1000 character, 5 line limit w/no BB code for standard members)
    Eligible for Online Giveaways

    Additional Membership Info: Please view thread below for full details:

    User-Group color-coding is used to show you “Who is what” :
    WCRCC STAFFwill show in RED
    WCRCC CLUB MEMBERS will show in Orange
    WCRCC SITE-REGISTERED users will show in Blue

    Vendors Section
    WCRCC Approved vendors will be given their own forum to offer their services. Please send a pm to a committee member to discuss Vendor pricing and advertising.

    WCRCC reserves the right to remove Vendor Forums and/or remove you from the site completely if you are a vendor receiving repetitive complaints about you and/or your service.

    If you have a problem with a vendor, WCRCC encourages you to reasonably and maturely try to work it out with them first. If you are unsuccessful, you may ask one of the WCRCC Administrators for assistance.

    For Sale/Wanted Forum:
    In order to use this section, you must be a Registered Member of the site for a minimum of 30 days AND have a minimum of 30 posts. Paid Club Members are immediately eligible to use this forum.

    Pricing is required for ALL items. Determine a price and list it immediately. Items without a price will be deleted.

    Attempts to sell items that are not legal or items regulated by the State of California (adult material, firearms, etc.) will be deleted and may result in temporary account suspension.

    “OBOs” should be handled through PM format ONLY.


    SCAMMERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Don’t even attempt! This may result in permanent removal from the site.
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