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Thread: Interested in becoming a Club Member of West Coast RC Rock Crawlers?

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    Interested in becoming a Club Member of West Coast RC Rock Crawlers?

    Benefits of becoming a WCRCC Club Member

    THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a CLUB MEMBER of WCRCC. Our club membership is an annual fee which will help support our club and also entitles you to special incentives offered by WCRCC. Your CLUB MEMBERSHIP is valid for the entire comp season (typically November to November)
    and can be paid anytime of the year.

    New member fee = $20
    Returning member fee = $10

    With your contribution, you will be helping with such things as (including, but not llimited to):
    WCRCC Season Awards
    Website software, hosting, security, maintenance & upgrades

    Equipment & Supplies needed for competitions and club events
    Raffle/Giveaway prizes

    WCRCC Club Members will also receive PERKS within the club/website with features such as (including, but not limited to):

    ► Access to live "Chat Box"
    Access to exclusive MEMBERS ONLY Forums (including the Classifieds Section)
    Screen Name listed in yellow signifying member status
    "WCRCC Club Member" title under screen name
    Eligible for Online Vendor Giveaways
    Eligible to vote in online Polls
    No limit to daily posts
    Eligible to vote in yearly committee elections
    Animated GIF in Signature
    UPGRADED “PM” Box from 50 messages up to 500 messages
    UNLIMITED attachments/pictures uploading capability
    CUSTOM AVATAR (150x150, 2mb)
    LARGER PROFILE PICTURE (Up to 600x600)

    For further information please contact a member of the staff via pm to discuss donation options or use paypal link below:

    IMPORTANT: Please enter your screen name in the description area when checking out

    All proceeds for non profit
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