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Thread: Rules of the Site

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    Rules of the Site

    WCRCC asks that you read and agree to all FORUM RULES listed below before you consider posting on this site. These rules apply to all who utilize this site, i.e. Staff Members, Club Members, Registered Members and Guests. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Please DO NOT publish offensive posts.
    Posting offensive posts may result in temporary account suspension.
    Please POST in APPROPRIATE forums.
    Please avoid posting material in multiple locations/threads/forums.
    Please DO NOT POST PORN. This site will NOT tolerate any such posts.
    Personal attacks or harassment WILL NOT be tolerated.
    Personal attacks or harassment may result in temporary account suspension.
    Should you encounter an issue with another Member, please notify a Staff member,
    or use the PM format to resolve. DO NOT publicly bash!
    Please DO NOT SPAM
    Any suspensions will be determined by the entire WCRCC Staff.

    In order to use this section, you must be a Registered Member of the site for a minimum of 30 days AND have a minimum of 30 posts. Paid Club Members are immediately eligible to use this forum.

    Pricing is required for ALL items. Determine a price and list it immediately. Items without a price will be deleted.

    Attempts to sell items that are not legal or items regulated by the State of California (adult material, firearms, etc.) will be deleted and may result in temporary account suspension.

    “OBOs” should be handled through PM format ONLY.


    SCAMMERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Don’t even attempt! This may result in permanent removal from the site.

    Please respect the other vendors.

    DO NOT post price comparisons in this section. We understand business is business, however, if you are trying to sell use the PM format.

    ONLY WCRCC APPROVED VENDORS are eligible to post items for sale in the vendor section. Please contact the site's administration to ensure you qualify before you post. All donations, collection of raffle prizes, etc needs to be handled by a committee member. please contact the admin for proper procedure.
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    suggestion to all posting on this site think about what you type before your finger hits the enter button, emotions can over run a persons common sense at times which always relates to bigger problems than it should have been, dont be a keyboard bad ass because it wont be tolerated, if you are man enough to type it then be man enough to not edit it. i dont want to be harsh offend or have anyone feel intimidated on this site as this site came to life because of this very reason. remember these are toy cars (heck yes im gonna borrow that line) and we are all a club and here for 1 common reason.
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    wherever fun can be had.
    in order to keep my infraction count at zero or close to it,i really can't say what I want and thats no fun.I don't want to be the old boring fart that comes on here and only reads and not responds.not only that it's killing my post count.woud a high infraction count be a bad thing.after all people post and start new threads for responces,whats 1 or 2 off the wall responces gonna hurt.right now I feel like I'm going through withdrawls without being able to say whats on my mind,I feel one wrong post and BAMM,slap on the wrist.

    yours truly, a smart ass looking for help.
    been here through thick and thin.

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    you can say what you would like to say i added the above comment because i dont want to see somebody call you an a**hole in one sentence then when you reply back that he is a f*** head. he all of a sudden goes back, wipes out all his post and tries to make you look like you are talking to yourself and he obviously wont be man enough to leave his original post up showing what he started.

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    wherever fun can be had.
    Sweet, wheres matt ?
    been here through thick and thin.

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