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    Hey all ive been pretty hard core into rc for some time now, not just crawlers and trucks.. I first started messing with crawlers 10 or so yrs ago and only got back into it last year.... Looking forward to some comps and get togethers and putting names and faces behind all the pictures of trucks...


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    Hi James, welcome to the club.
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    hello James welcome to the club where are you from and got any info on your rigs crawler or otherwise

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    Thanks for the welcome.... I grew up in the Inland Empire, and live at the base of Mt. Baldy.
    I have a few rc's.... a tt01 based drifter which is not really much of a tt01 anymore... a hpi blitz as a basher with a full cage... a saw back based leaf truck with an extended chassis and wheel base fitted under a new bright jeep 4 door, and a tlt based 3 link truck under a honcho shell... a tamiya mf01x waiting for a few parts before I build it, a tank, a ff03 brand new in box, and a couple of small helicopters and planes...

    the tlt axled rig has the rc4wd planetary motor and transmission connected to the a transfer case out to the tlt axles with parts from all diferent kinds of rigs smashed together to make a pretty fun truck...

    the saw back based truck i extended the axle using some 90 angled aluminum and moved the axles back using the stock hardware. i recently installed some shooter shackles and tried to install the tboxes, (unfortunatley they don't bolt up, so i'm thinking about how to get it to fit...)

    here are some photos i had on my phone...

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    nice collection and variety you have there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rcjunky3 View Post
    nice collection and variety you have there
    Yeah im a little add about my rcs... Lol... And im always adding and thinning out the collection.... And constantly tinkering... All the rcs in the photos have been modded further... Lol...

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