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Thread: Back at it.........

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    Back at it.........

    I haven't been here in 3 years almost to the date... I got into RC crawlers back in 2007 when there weren't as many options as there are now for crawler kits...

    I have had a number of rigs over the years but kept one in storage just in case. I recently suffered major kidney failure and am now on dialysis which gives me plenty of time to get back into RC crawling, so here are a couple pics of my rig.

    SPECS from what I can recall...
    Custom chassis i found on eBay back in 2009
    Locked TLT front and rear axles
    Traxxas Slash transmission
    Traxxas Jato driveshafts
    Axial wheels and tires

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    Sorry to hear about your medical issue but happy to see you back into the hobby!
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illeagle View Post
    Sorry to hear about your medical issue but happy to see you back into the hobby!

    for now, all i can do is toy around the house or local spots... im dying to get my 1:1 back out in the desert so i can bring the RC rigs out... that's how I found you guys back in 2012... i was offroading in Lucerne Valley with my team and drove right past your comp by Cougar Buttes... got hooked and built 3 rigs after that... hahaha

    This was me...

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