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Thread: Tutorial: Additional Smileys

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    Tutorial: Additional Smileys

    We all love our smileys but if you are on the site using a small screen pc or even a smartphone you will not be able to see all the smiley's from the quick reply screen. Here is what you need to do to see them all:

    Click on reply to a post and you should see this screen. Click on Go Advanced on the bottom right.


    You will see this screen with additional tools at the top and a few smileys on the right. Click on "more" under the smiles


    Once you click the "more" smiles it will bring up the additional smileys box


    Now you can grab the corner of the box and make it whatever size meets your needs to view all smiles


    Select your smile and return to post to submit reply. Done.
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Thanks for the info Jim:

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    i learned something new i didnt realize you could grab the corner and open it more man jim where have you been when i needed you, now i get to use more of these

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