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Thread: hey. new here.

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    hey. new here.

    Hey guys.

    New here,thanks for the site! =] my names Patrick ,and just like most stories,I'm making a 'comeback'! Haha. Been out of rc cars for a little while now. Just recently picked up a rc4wd trailfinder2,my first scale car,no fancy build.

    Looking to do some G2G's with everyone. I'm in the Harbor Area of LA(carson) by San Pedro, Palos Verdes,etc. both show potential of having good crawling spots. I've been scouting and found a couple hit and miss spots. There's a couple coves(abolone cove,etc.) in PV that have NICE rock sand beaches with nice Boulder spots.

    I'm gunna try to make the next G2G that's posted. Hopefully I'll meet some of yall!

    Take care,

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    Welcome to the board!!!

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    Welcome, it may be a little late for you now but there is some people getting together at Mt Baldy out in Upland. any pics or details on your rig

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    Welcome to the site Highcrawl. Hope to catch you on the rocks soon.
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Welcome highcrawl, great group of guys and gals here. See out on the rocks...

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    Thanks guys!

    Rcjunky3 wish I saw this earlier! Maybe I can make the next g2g? Anyone have anything planned for tomorrow ,sunday?

    As for my rig,it's just a basic tf2 build:
    -Novak crawler esc/55t motor
    -hitec 5745 servo
    -2s lipo
    -swap between 1.9" All Terrain and baja claws

    I'll work on getting a pic. I'm doing all this off my phone =\ lol

    Thanks again yall hope to meet you guys soon!

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    That's a long way South West of most of us. There were some guys out that way but I don't know their names. Most people South of san gabriels are in this high Desert group because the rocks up there are great and there aren't many of us down here.

    I am in Upland. Can you crawl here after work? I'm home by 430 most days

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