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Thread: Dead Rabbits Poker Run pics

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    heres one of my favorites

    and the evidence that i collected and sent off to the lab for analysis, if this weapon was bought after jan 1 2015 in California it will have the micro stamping and we will find out who it is

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    Thanks for sharing the post.

    Those poor rabbits were hilarious!!

    Great work Team WC!!! Awesome imagination!!

    Elmer Fudd ran through the trail before we all got there and took care of "all those pesky wabbits" lol


    Memory is coming back....thank you for the snack bar in the middle of no where, was a great treat.
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    heres my favorite pic but its from today and is looking waaaay better than it did yesterday, still plenty of raw skin and deep gouges there but im pretty positive i got all the rocks dug out

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