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Thread: Pretty new to the crawler scene in Apple Valley

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    Pretty new to the crawler scene in Apple Valley

    Hey, I'm Josh and I'm fairly new to the whole RC crawler thing. I'm really loving it so far though! I have acquired several crawlers along the way. I have a Venom Creeper with Losi axles and soon a RC4WD Worminator transmission on 2.2s. I also have a SCX-10 that's close to stock with stainless links, CMS and I'm working on putting T-Rex60 axles under it for a more scale look. That one is powered by a Tekin 35T/FXR combo and is a 1.9 rig. Then I have my Losi based tuber truggy/scale rig that's the workhorse. It's got a Honcho body and 1.9s and it's a beast. It won a G6 style comp I did down in Temecula a little while back. I also have a couple Losi Trail Trekkers I'm working on for my kids.

    Looking forward to finding some local people to run with!

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    Welcome Josh it sounds like you have a nice fleet going. we have a poker run coming up next Saturday if your available

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    I wanna try and make it. My wife has a 5K at her school that same morning. We'll see.

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    Welcome to the addiction Josh! Hope to see you at an event soon.
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Hey Josh, hope you can make it to the run this Saturday.

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    Here are some of my projects/other children, lol.


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    My Trekkers, although the FJ is getting re-bodied.

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    And my workhorse.

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