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Thread: NEW Pro-Line 1.9 Flat Iron XL

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    Have a heck of a time trying to CI foams to work in these. The 1 stage CI for the PL Swamper is too thin and same goes for the 1.9 Little Nova Dual Stage. The 4.75 are too tall and puff the tire out and the 4.5 fit perfect just too narrow on the GearHead wheels. Looking at glueing the center foam to the wheel to keep it from shifting back and forth (Or in & out) How ever ya want to look at it.
    Mobilis in Mobili "N"

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    that sucks i hope you can get it to work for you

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    The Glueing of the inner foam to the wheel did the trick. Red-E 2 Rock.
    Mobilis in Mobili "N"

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    Tried them out tonight. Not impressed work about the same as the 2.2 Flatirons. Going try my Swamper XL off my G6 on this rig.

    Mobilis in Mobili "N"

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    I wonder if the lugs being so close together is impeding the traction

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    Could have been the driver or the rig. Gonna install them on my tried & true G6 then see what they do.
    Mobilis in Mobili "N"

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