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Thread: August Crawler Of The Month Nominations now open

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    August Crawler Of The Month Nominations now open

    Lets go ahead and get some rigs nominated for Aug COTM. Nominations will be open till Aug 23rd and voting will take place Aug 24th thru Aug 31st. Winner will be crowned evening of Aug 31. no ties a winner will be decided. If you have something you have been working on lately POST IT UP. You cant win if we dont know about it! nominations open to any and all rigs

    Edit: Rules can be found HERE

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    nominations are now closed, thank you for participating

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    lmao. You see why now?
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    oh i already knew i was just trying to give the people what they asked for

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    yup, then they wonder why .
    been here through thick and thin.

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