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    New To the Scene

    Hello fellow crawlers! my name is Justin. I live in La Verne California and have been crawling with my small group of family and friends for about a year now. We have yet to meet any other people interested in crawling in our areas so Ive come here to try to introduce myself and maybe weasel my/our way into a meet up. We know nothing about competitions and their rules so there will be a learning curve there should we attend one. Anyways, Nice to meet you all and hope to see you all on the rocks. In the mean time here is a pic of some of our rigs to better get to know us!

    First on the Left is my buddy Michael second my brother Bryan third My girlfriend Nicole and last myself Justin and my Mog. The only truck missing from the group is my GF's Brother's scx10 which is under construction atm
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    sweet rigs and glad to have you guys. hopefully we will meet up with you soon at a gtg. as far as competitions go well with scalers most the time it is just meet up and play follow the leader,lol. we do try and put on a poker run every so often and there is typically a nice pot of money to win

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    Welcome to the website, I hope you find a local group of guys to crawl with. If you want to crawl on some of the best rocks in Southern California you'll have to drive up to Victorville, Apple Valley area IMO.
    Competition side of crawling will start October 11th.season opener #4, We'll have our 2.2pro comp + extra RC related competition style activities (Hill climbs, rock racing, scale comps) just keep a look out for flyers posted HERE , & Facebook

    BTW nice looking rigs.
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    to the site. With those sweet scale rigs you guys have you will want to watch for get togethers we have every so often. No rules, just follow the leader and have as much fun as possible! Hope to see you on the rocks!
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Welcome aboard n awesome rigs
    winners never quit and quitters never win

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    wherever fun can be had.
    That mog = cotm .
    been here through thick and thin.

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    Awesomeness...pleasure to meet you guys, I look forward to meeting you all. Follow the leader type meet is exactly what were looking for, just having fun and driving our trucks on some good terrain. If anyone interested in details The mog thread is on rccrawlers take it ez guys!

    btw whats cotm mean?
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    That mog = cotm .

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    Welcome to the club. That exo or is it a wrexo on the left is awesome.

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    Ohhh durrr lol...and hmm yes...crawler of the month...genius bug dude lol

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    you are correct sir that is a wrexo! its...lets say...unique, very capable with a good driver.

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    Welcome to the club. That exo or is it a wrexo on the left is awesome.

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