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Thread: Hello from Apple Valley

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    Hello from Apple Valley

    Hey all. My name is Kenny. I have had quite a few Crawlers in the past. Never did comps. Just wasnt my thing. But then again. Never really went to them. I didnt realize there were many out here doing it. Maybe its the lapse of scene in our local not so good shops. I just like Crawling for good fun. Currently dont have a rig. But looking to get into something scale. Its just more me. Looking forward to maybe catching an event and meeting some people who like the things I do.

    Does this site have a classifieds? Only asking since im a new member and maybe its something that opens later with more posts.

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    hey Kenny hows it going and glad you found the site and even greater that you are in Apple Valley. yes there is a classifieds that opens up with paid supporting membership or in time with posts. we are actually having a very fun event this weekend at Horsemans center out in your home turf. be sure to stop by and check out the activities it all starts around 2pm. look at the top of the page and there is a link titled 2014 AWARDS BBQ AND SCALEATHON my name is Rich just be sure and ask for me i will be one of the people helping run the activities

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    Welcome to the site Kenny. Hope to see you at an event soon!
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    You are lucky to have a club like this, especially if you like crawling, located in your back yard. This club will help you with your scale needs, actually it might be worth it to join ($20-30) the site cuz I think there is a TF2 for sale on here that looks like it might be just what you are looking for, just a thought.

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