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Thread: joshua tree national park

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    joshua tree national park

    Joshua tree national park anyone been to or know of location in Joshua tree national park we can host a 2.2PRO comp @? Please post map link & pictures? (Maybe for finals)

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    Talk to my gf at the comp this weekend. She grew up there

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    This is a national park that regulates against any offroad vehicles including rcs. I'm not saying you can't individually get away with it but a crowd I doubt would let slide. You can't even ride dirt bikes on your own property if someone complains of dust. They have a whole smeal regarding wild life and vegetation. Just recently I've been hiking up to 49palms Oasis in 29 palms outside the park and already have heard radio announcements about rcs in Park. And I've only been twice. Best hiking/crawling trail so far. i know a couple secluded spots though and im gonna keep goin till they kick me out lol

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