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Thread: Holmes Hobbies presents the 2013 Westcoast Shootout

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    wooooohoooooooooooare you guys all ready for the party its about to start the yukon is loaded to the hilt boy im glad i got the xl .rain or shine its going down see you all in a few hours and the best of luck to all competitors. even if your not competing please come on out and support YOUR club, bring some scalers and enjoy all that the area has to offer

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    best of luck to everyone today wish i coulda gone today

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    Have a great weekend to all in attendance! Wish I could have been able to make it.

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    whats the easiest way to get there from main st tried to map quest but not sure if its the right spot

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    bear valley towards lucern valley to 18, turn left. it will be on the right.

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    for all you guys that couldnt attend boy you sure missed out ,lots of good times and crawling heck Derek and Rich Boltz did more scaling this weekend than they have in a lifetime all the free food and awesome courses. the level of competition was fierce and to have many of the top drivers from around the world was just amazing and an honor for this club. the swiss guys loved the rock and personally told me he would come back anytime for one of our events, now thats somethin right there. we had a banner for the event and did a random raffle to give it away and low and behold who do you think won it Chad Miller

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    Congrats Slowmo!!
    Don't forget to have fun!

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    Wow. Thats cool guys. Thanks. I even have a spot for it.

    Huge thanks guys for putting this event together. I know you put a jillion hours into making this event what it was and it showed. I had a great time, and with jakes good driving he had a killer day to. And ive been hearing about it.

    In short thanks for the killer event.
    Chad Miller
    2012 Horsemans Axial Malvado Rock Riot 1st Place

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    I want to say a huge thanks to all of our sponsors who helped with sponsoring this event, Holmes Hobbies, Axial, Team Debead, Y-Town Crawlers, TCS Crawlers, Rockthrasher Paint and Graphics, Maxamps, Rowdy Racing, RCP Crawlers, Krawler Konceptz, Chaotic Crawlers, Dlux Fab, Mr.V's wheels, Cow R/C, Castle Creations, HPI Racing, MFD, RC4WD, Pro-Line Racing, Hitec, SDRCRC, Crawler Calvin, Off Road Jerky. without these guys we wouldnt be able to put on an event like this.

    Lisa and Bryce from Team Debead really helped alot with collecting the score sheets and getting those back to our scorekeeper's to be able to keep the updated scoring and providing us with some sick ass score cards.

    D-Wray really pulled through and working with a trophy sponsor who provided us, for free, with the sickest trophies i have ever seen.

    Michelle and Rob from Krawler Konceptz really nailed it with the course signs and drivers numbers.

    to all the competitors from around the globe it was truly an honor for us the WCRCC to host an event of this caliber and to have you all attend. we had really hoped to provide you guys and gals with some good quality rock, courses, food, music, snacks, drinks, prizes and maximum fun. thank all of you for attending whether it was to compete, support or just watch and hang out with friends

    all the Westcoastrccrawlers members who pitched in to help with anything we needed, Jim, Charlie Josie and the entire Vess family, Chris, JD, Matt, Troy, Victor, Jenny, John, Mark, and im sure there are many more im missing we thank you all. Trent driving his 1:1 toy almost to the top of the mountain to haul supplies was bad ass.

    there was a bunch of help from many other people who were just there to compete that also pitched in and we appreciate it very much.

    the judges and marshalls who worked the entire weekend thanks, events dont happen without you guys and please know the bags of jerky and judges raffle is the least we could do to try and give back something to you guys for all the hard work

    I especially want to thank my wife Lisset and daughters Kaeli and Kimi for supporting not only me but the entire club and helping put together and work the event all weekend, you guys rock.

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    Glad to hear that it was a blast of an event...sorry I missed it.

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    Had a BLAST!

    That rock is epic!

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